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PEACH KELLI POP was born in Ottawa, Canada from a little bit of glitter in Allie Hanlon’s eye. Fueled by catchy, smart, and spirited rock n’ roll ditties, Peach Kelli Pop’s first few years quickly established them as a fresh and powerful force. From the beginning, fun, sincerity, and female friendship was at the forefront of the band’s ethos, endearing them to girls and guys across North America. It wasn’t long before the excitement took the tour trail across the pond and beyond; the band has since tackled 7 US & Canada tours, 2 tours of Europe, and 2 of Japan. People who like to dance hard and sing along have found themselves right at home at any PKP show; live, the band’s volume, musical chops, and performance dynamics electrified audiences who weren’t sure what to expect from a group of girls. The energy established by the band’s inclusive, enthusiastic attitude has become part of the Peach Kelli Pop signature. Musically, PKP’s high, stylized harmonies, pop-gold chord progressions, and hispeed rhythms are a celebration —and continuation— of the best of punk and power-pop.

After being well-supported by talented friends throughout the years, Peach Kelli Pop moved to Los Angeles in 2013. The live band is now an all-female 5-piece in its best lineup yet: Allie Hanlon on rhythm guitar, Alex Edgeworth on lead guitar, sisters Gina Negrini on bass and Sophie Negrini on keys, and the formidable Mindee Jorgensen beating on the drums. Each member of PKP brings something big to the stage — be it her trademark personality or, naturally, her shredding skills— and the rock n’ roll zeal they share together is evident to anyone watching. With the past releases of 3 full albums on LP & cassette— not to mention a collection of 7-inches — Peach Kelli Pop is continually looking forward and developing. Recordings that began on the candid and intimate lo-fi spectrum have since matured into a crisper, cleaner, more sophisticated sound. The newest 7-inch “Halloween Mask”, released on Lauren Records and recorded by Roland Cosio (of Together Pangea and The Moonhearts), is perfect proof of what’s to come

Currently, Peach Kelli Pop is eagerly anticipating their tour in support of “Halloween Mask”. Their travels will take them to both the US & Canada from May 1st to June 2nd 2016.

For tour dates and more visit: peachkellipop.com/

Publicity Contact: Eloy Lugo


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