Stephen Steinbrink


Stephen Steinbrink is a 27-year-old songwriter and recording engineer born and raised in the desert of Arizona and currently floating around the western USA.

Having spent the better part of a decade touring North America and Europe, Stephen has established himself as a capable and prolific wielder of the pop form, both with his simple heartbreaking lyrics that explore the banal and absurd, to his infectious melodies that can be instantly recalled — as if they’ve already lived a full life in the listener’s head.

Beginning his career in the mid-2000’s as a part the west coast DIY underground, Stephen Steinbrink has gone on to relentlessly self-produce 8 LPs of pop music. His breakthrough album, Arranged Waves was recorded in Steinbrink’s home studio in Olympia, WA and garnered high praise from the NME, the Guardian, and the BBC. The album explored themes of lost images, repressed memories and expressed a human vulnerability that made the album both perplexing and compelling.

Steinbrink’s new album, Anagrams is a frank portrait of addiction and mental illness. It was self-produced by Steinbrink and engineered by Nicholas Wilbur (Mount Eerie, Hungry Cloud Darkening) at the legendary UNKNOWN in Anacortes, WA, and performed by his backup band, featuring members of LAKE, Mt. Eerie, Hungry Cloud Darkening. Anagrams will be released by Melodic and P-Vine in summer 2016.

For tour dates and more visit: www.stephensteinbrink.com/

Publicity Contact: Eloy Lugo


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