Dogbreth is the Western USA’s only power-pop band with a name nodding to Megadeth and a history of angelic DIY punk spirit. Songwriter and guitar genius Tristan Jemsek has been bringing the passionate arena-rock basement to basement with a revolving band of likeminded rippers for years. 2013’s Plan-It-X release Sentimental Health shook the underground, with it’s honesty, energy, and kindness; A genuine slam-dunk. On their new album Second Home, (recorded by longtime friend and mentor Jalipaz Nelson at Audioconfusion) Dogbreth breaks the backboard with guitar solos on every song and choruses that demand shouting along. Dogbreth features Tyler Broderick on second Guitar, Cesar Ruiz on third guitar, Erin Caldwell on Bass/Vocals and Liam James Murtagh on drums.

For tour dates and more visit: www.facebook.com/dogbrethrocks/

Publicity Contact: Eloy Lugo


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