Yumi Zouma


When Yumi Zouma formed in 2013, they were a group a friends from New Zealand who found themselves scattered across the globe. Collaborating across continents and timezones, the band worked by sending audio sessions back and forth, piece-by-piece crafting the material that would become their debut EP.

Since the release of EP I in 2014, Yumi Zouma’s evolution has been brisk and organic, and their output has been nothing short of prolific, with each release building on the success of the last. With streaming numbers in the millions, they’ve reached a global audience and won the hearts of fans worldwide, performing across the US and abroad to sold-out venues in New York, London, San Francisco and more.

But some things never change. Today, the Yumis are still scattered across the globe, with Charlie Ryder in London, Josh Burgess in New York, and Christie Simpson and Olivia Campion in Christchurch, New Zealand. They still collaborate via file-sharing before getting together to record in-person, and they still create the same brand of effortless pop that fans have come to love since day one.

Following the release of back-to-back full-length albums (Yoncalla in 2016, Willowbank in 2017), Yumi Zouma revisit their roots with EP III, completing the trilogy they began in 2014. The resulting collection finds the international act stronger than ever, sculpting effortless atmospheres, winsome hooks and stadium-ready finishes. For this third and final installment of the series, the Yumis bookend an era of intimate short-form 10″s. The vinyl will be available from Cascine on November 16, 2018. EP III is out on digital-formats September 28, 2018.

For tour dates and more visit: www.yumizouma.com/

Publicity Contact: Eloy Lugo


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