Luke Temple


Luke Temple’s Both-And (Native Cat Recordings 2019) was made during the winter and spring of 2018. It’s a record best put on and not directly listened to. Sweep your floor, do your dishes, let the thwack of your hard heels while you’re walking to get your laundry become a wood block too loud in the mix. It’s a record much like a day, things come and go, sometimes heavy, sometimes light, sometimes with poetic continuity and sometimes with abrupt groundlessness.

Both-And is a record encompassing both the beautiful and the jarring, both the bright pop-hooks of Temple’s work with Here We Go Magic and a thrilling experimental bent with songs looking directly at living within time passing. At times it’s as if a Talk Talk live recording session floated afterwards into a Buenos Aires square in springtime, with ecstatic nods to the West Marin landscape where Temple resides throughout.

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Publicity Contact: Erin Thompson


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