Advertisement reimagine what guitar dominated music can accomplish, eschewing its traditional obsessions with storytelling, revolution, and standoffish flair. Ricocheting between taught, percussive pop hooks, distortion drenched, circular riffs, and sprawling nods to the work of varying krautrock groups, Advertisement strive to carefully draw out from the listener a series of equally comedic and disconcerting emotions.

The band have announced their debut album, American Advertisement alongside its lead single “Pretty Money”. “Lyrically, it’s tongue in cheek, anxious, Marxist-cosplay pastiche,” they explain. “For some, money is the sweet, vague cherry on top of life, for others it’s a voucher for rent and eggs and dry pasta and nothing else. The song is meant less as a self-righteous sermon on capitalism’s cruelty, and more as a setting of the scene for something prettier.”

Advertisement began as an interconnected group of childhood friends growing up on the fringes of the Seattle area. Their early collaborations primarily experimented with increasingly jarring forms of punk, culminating in the bands Nasti and Vacant Life – both of which have pressed records through Iron Lung Records, the West coast’s eminent noise and hardcore label. Inspired by the increasingly stark juxtaposition between Seattle’s booming, tech-fueled urbanism and the landscape’s natural beauty, guitarists Charlie Hoffman, Carl Marck, and Ryan Mangione and drummer TJ Main recollected with the intention of creating imaginative ways out of the endlessly anxiety provoking flow of modern life. Turning away from both the nihilism of punk and the escapism of rock, they holed up, often in the claustrophobic confines of their shared house, and chipped away at developing a style which could hold both sobered cynicism and willful optimism in cartoonish harmony.

On American Advertisement, they’ve convincingly realized their goal of total decentralized collaboration. With the addition of pianist Jesse Rosenthal, Advertisement’s songwriting process naturally augmented towards an increasingly fluid approach, in which fully fabricated song structures were shunned in favor of the slow development of single ideas through repeated layering. The album’s varied collections of sound were carefully constructed with the guidance of engineer/producer Trevor Spencer (Chastity Belt, Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty), who relocated with the band to a barn outside the city for a week.

Underlying the entire record is an obsession with dark humor, animated by swirling images of wicked clowns with Machiavellian attitudes, the Queen of Naples trapped in an incense filled studio apartment, giant horses parading through rings of fire with hard-ons. It is a record to be absorbed, not interpreted, a record mediated through feelings of cultural and mental malaise and the sacred importance of communication. At its core, American Advertisement is a debasement of the idea of rock and roll heroism, a gesture to the ideal of relinquishing self-control and embracing authorless collaboration.

Advertisement have quickly become one of the underground rock scene’s must see bands. Their live show has grown increasingly elaborate and often features upwards of 6 or 7 members onstage. They’ve had the opportunity to continually deconstruct and rebuild their sprawling approach to performance while playing alongside such acts as Protomartyr, Exploded View, Sheer Mag, Spiritual Cramp, Deafwish and more. In seamless harmony with their live show, the band’s concentrated emphasis on group dissolution and multiplication blends effortlessly with their approach to aesthetics and presentation.

American Advertisement will be self-released on vinyl and digital / distro via Patchwork Fantasy on July 10. For more info and to pre-order, go here.

“Nothing could be more different from me than myself. It is only sometimes when I am alone that the substratum emerges and that I feel a certain fundamental continuity; but at such times I feel that my life is slowing down, stopping, and that I am on the very verge of ceasing to exist” – Andre Gide, The Counterfeiters

For tour dates and more visit: www.instagram.com/__advertisement___/

Publicity Contact: Bailey Sattler


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