Following endless odysseys as touring member of Tame Impala, bambi aka Dominic Simper announces the release of his debut solo EP unfolding. Available via Spinning Top Records | Caroline Australia, the ethereal soundscape is an ode to the Fremantle artist’s love of Japanese new age music, 60’s and 70’s European film soundtracks and 20th century classical minimalism.

The surreal and cascading élan vital features the emotionally saturated nostalgia embodied in sweeping film soundtracks from decades past combined with warm synthesiser textures. The track, roughly translated to ‘life force,’ demonstrates the constant flux of recurring patterns encountered throughout life. “The realisation, upon being lost in the shimmering surface of a stream or hypnotic trance of gazing at the ocean – that these patterns, and this undercurrent of movement pervades each and every aspect of experience,” says bambi of the evocative sculpture. “The more of your attention you give to something – the more vibrant, complex and rewarding it will reveal itself to be. To unashamedly quote William Blake – to see a world in a grain of sand,” he adds.

Recorded at home while living in the Netherlands and mixed by James Ireland (POND) in Fremantle, on unfolding bambi searches for the elusive and paradoxical blend of stillness and movement. The EP examines the ways in which our realities are constructed through our senses, introversion as a means of exploration of the psyche, love, and fragility on a serene journey through a sparse landscape of bubbling synthesisers, pillowy strings, and pianos.

unfolding encapsulates the underlying movement behind everything. Each second the course of our lives, our relationships, our hopes and dreams are unfolding. Everything is always evolving and changing – there’s no such thing as staying still, despite our seemingly inherent desire to hold onto things as they are. This applies to the music as well – I love the idea of rather simplistic melodic fragments bending, weaving and dancing their way around each to create movement, ” bambi muses.

unfolding delivers an inspiring, hypnotic and cinematic debut from a singular artist who is every bit as inner focused, humble and unassuming as he is gifted.

Publicity Contact: Meghan Helsel


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