NYC’s electronica/pop duo, Tempers return with hypnotizing new single, “The Use of My Belonging” which was recorded in their bedrooms across Manhattan during quarantine and the rise of the Black Lives Matter protests. “Watching inequalities intensify to unethical extremes, as systems of power swerve into nightmarish realms of greed, brutality and oppression inspired the song,” explain Tempers’ Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper. “The song is about the hope that love will prevail in an era of post-truth, that the return to love is somehow natural and inevitable.”

Throughout the years Tempers have carved out their own niche within indie, electronica and synth-pop circles. Their sound is about exploring tonal and emotional tension as much as it is about actual tracks or singular moments. Adrenalizing and spellbounding landscapes layer mechanical and sensual impulses, as Golestaneh’s crystalline vocals weave fever dreams of yearning and alienation.

Informed by both Golestaneh’s involvement in musical performance and visual art and Cooper’s electronic production resume, as well as their time in the States and abroad, Tempers operate as a multi-disciplined entity in the spirit and ethos of Factory Records. The two describe their creative process as a telepathic kinship they’ve developed since they started making music together: “We have these sort of unspoken criteria when we’re writing music. We never really need to explain what that is but we both know when it’s missing or when we’ve hit it.”
The Use of My Belonging” is available today via Dais Records. 2020 brings more new music from Tempers – stay tuned.

More About Tempers:

After a string of critically acclaimed singles beginning in 2013, the duo released their debut LP ‘Services’ (2015) on cult imprint Aufnahme + Wiedergabe resulting in the underground club hit “Strange Harvest”, extensive international touring and sold-out shows. Their 2017 EP “Fundamental Fantasy” was released as a result of the Vinyl Factory’s Volcano Extravaganza artist residency on the Aeolian island of Stromboli. Following their unique creative compass, in 2018 they indirectly moved from the dance floor to galleries, releasing “Junkspace” a conceptual collaboration with famed architect Rem Koolhaas. The record is available in the world’s most select cultural hotspots, from The New Museum in New York to Walther Kӧnig museum stores throughout Europe, a testament to Tempers’ love for experimental output and unorthodox presentation. In 2019 Tempers signed with Dais Records and promptly released their acclaimed album ‘Private Life’ – a meticulous evolution of the dark pop that marked the duo’s earlier output.

For tour dates and more visit: tempersmusic.com/

Publicity Contact: Bailey Sattler


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