Das Body


Das Body saunter within an immutable space that isn’t quite hope and isn’t quite nothingness, where feeling alien is the comfortable norm even if the cause isn’t quite clear. The Norwegian quartet’s world filters through a handful of genre touchpoints, each unraveling in a different direction: woozy electronics, soulful R&B, toothy post-punk, pop swagger. Confident uncertainty runs throughout their debut album Peregrine, showcasing their chaotic unity and sublime disarray. Their lyrics keep a constant eye out for an emergency exit flickering somewhere in the distance: a way out of a relationship, your head, your own mortality. 

That Das Body way comes in part from their Norwegian origin story, the band’s four members finding each other in the drizzly gray of the east side of Oslo. The project began after Linden invited her high school friend, multi-instrumentalist Patrik Alm, to join sessions she’d been working on with keyboardist Kim Granholt. In the intervening time, the four-piece set to work writing Peregrine in their studio in Økern, Norway which occupies a floor in an office building, sandwiched between a weight gym above them and a car wash below. The band enlisted Jorge Elbrecht (Sky Ferreira, Ariel Pink) to produce the album’s sessions. Their music had been a world with a four-person population for years, making the storied multimedia artist, musician, and producer’s perspective that much more meaningful. 

Peregrine reaches beautiful and dizzying heights, much like the falcon Granholt spotted roaming near their studio that the record was in part named for. But even then, the very name of the bird contains that sense of the alien, as peregrine’s original meaning relates to a sense of other-ness. But on their debut, Das Body turn that alienation and uncertainty into collective sing-along hooks, bringing people together through the feeling of being alone.

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