Chase Cohl


Born in Canada to a mother (featured at 18 years old on the Dear Dear: Volume 1 Album Cover) and father deeply immersed in both the ethos and business of music, Cohl spent much of her youth on the road with the Rolling Stones, citing Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood as her “style icons” to this day. She quietly picked up piano before eventually moving on to guitar and banjo during her college days as a poetry major in New York City where she devoured the works of Jerome Rothenberg, Henry Miller, Arthur Rimbaud, and others. 

Simultaneously, she drew on a lifelong passion for sewing and unassumingly crafted the debut collection of LittleDoe’s headpieces in 2009. She sold her first to none other than Fergie following a chance encounter in an NYC restaurant. In the midst of presciently building Littledoe into a Vogue-endorsed early progenitor of the modern Boho movement sported by Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, the characters of Schitt’s Creek and other fashion icons, she penned countless songs. 

Post-graduation, the budding musician traded the Big Apple for Laurel Canyon. “I had this dream of smoking weed in a long floral dress,” she laughs. “The idea of California was always very inspiring to me.” Between performing alongside the likes of Cory Chisel and Cameron Avery as well as on a series of Best Fest shows, she released singles “Windsong” and “Blue Eyes” to early praise from Nylon, Exclaim, and more. In the middle of a 2016 tour with Lissie (and a breakup), she started to work on the songs that would eventually comprise her 2018 independent full-length debut, Far Away and Gone

More information on Far Away and Gone and full bio is HERE.

For tour dates and more visit: www.chasecohl.com

Publicity Contact: Kate Jackson


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