Music has always been a constant for Dhruv. Born in London to Indian parents, Dhruv grew up in conservative Singapore where the now 23-year-old crooner found his voice — and sense of self— through songwriting.  A self-admitted introvert, he spent countless hours penning songs on his bedroom piano before starting to share them online at the age of 16. “Things I struggled to say out loud, I was able to articulate easily in my writing,” he explains.  Turning this passion into a career didn’t seem a possibility until Dhruv moved to the U.S. in his late teens and began to make friends with other like-minded artists.  The world suddenly opened up for him.

By then he had already amassed dozens of demos including “double take” which was recorded and produced in his second ever studio session in April 2019. The R&B-leaning tune, a song about falling in love with his best friend, exploded on TikTok in 2021 and has since become a global queer anthem. The success of “double take” was followed up by the release of the rapunzel EP in January of 2022, which dhruv describes as a “scrapbook from the most formative years of my [his] life.”


Publicity Contact: Lisa Gottheil


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