Sarah met Jennifer while she was a live member of Kero Kero Bonito between 2018-2020, before starting on the EP together in 2020. 

The EP is based on the greek mythology of Icarus, which Sarah originally learnt from a song book in her  primary school at 7 years old. Every day, one student could choose a song from this book to sing with their classmates. Without hesitation, she would always pick the song that told the story of Icarus.

This song’s interpretation of Icarus was unlike any others that Sarah had come to learn; The story of Icarus is often told as a cautionary tale about the fate of man overreaching his limits. If you fly too close to the sun you will fall and drown. However, this song celebrated the courage of Icarus in his glorious moment. No one had ever flown higher than him.

Sarah was instantly drawn to this interpretation of Icarus which showed her a view of the world, where instead of being tied down by the risks of flight, we soar the sky as we become something more. This EP explores the success and failures of attempting to do so. 

Sonically the EP channels the darker aesthetics of Noise music and Metal being dused with experimental pop. Playing with sonic extremes the EP, oscilates between the black metal inspired electronics of tracks like ‘‘Hell Is Here’ and the sheer pop instensity of ‘Hurt Me’. The EP seeks to establish a new angle of Sarah’s emotional landscape, setting the groundwork for a darker universe than seen before. 

Publicity Contacts: Jaclyn Ulman & Grace Jones

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