Whose Rules


Whose Rules’ debut album, Hasler, was born out of the solitude found within the walls of the COVID pandemic. Living in a part of rural Norway called Hasler, Marius Elfstedt’s solace as the world shutdown was his studio in the middle of the Scandinavian wilderness. Wooden, log walls, haplessly strewn posters, old second hand couches, and a teeming collection of guitars and synths created an escape for creation, and the birth of Hasler.

Written and produced entirely by Marius, Hasler is a culmination of years of sonic experimentation and the rumination -both melancholic and hopeful- of adolescence blossoming into adulthood. Imagery of loneliness, love, friendship, and self-doubt permeate atop a bed that features world class production, twisting between whirring electronic synths and steady Americana indie.

Whose Rules aka Marius Elfstedt is a 26 y/o producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who grew up on a flower farm in a rural area roughly an hour outside of Oslo. Four years ago, while exploring his family’s farm, he came upon an abandoned cabin and re-purposed it into a recording studio to make music with his friends and other artists alike. Parallel to his work behind the scenes for artists such as Dev Lemons, Tigerstate, Selmer, Ralph Castelli and Elah Hale, Whose Rules released a self titled EP in 2020, followed by a handful of collaborative released with Dev Lemons (Guessing Games and Don’t You See the Time). Hasler is his debut full length album.


Publicity Contact: Katie Nelson


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