From melancholy to bittersweet euphoria, TDJ‘s vaporous and acidulous universe is an incongruous amalgam between Geneviève Ryan-Martel’s years of composing guitar ballads and experimenting with electronic music production.

The materialization of her first loves for techno, trance and eurodance; Geneviève takes from her nostalgia of the classics signed by Tiestö, Gamemaster, Signum or ATB, but also from her emo youth influenced by artists like Blink-182, From First To Last, and Taking Back Sunday. 

Her first EP TDJ001, a trance record written on a pirated version of Fruity Loops in her Montreal apartment’s kitchen, releases in 2020. Critical acclaim, however, came later in 2021 with the explosive release of her eurodance centric EP TDJ002, with standout tracks “Lalala (Want Somebody)” and “Open Air”, opening her up to media praise from Trax Magazine, Tsugi, Inrockuptibles as well as support and remixes from artists such as X-Coast, Paul Seul and Panteros666.

Establishing a strong and emotional connection with France by receiving early support from the iconic Parisian label and collective Casual Gabberz Records, TDJ began a yearly ritual of involvement through their “Meilleurs Vœux” compilations by contributing tracks such as “Can’t Stop Ravin” in 2019, “Nana” in 2020, “All I Want For Christmas Is An Acoustic Guitar” in 2021 as well as a collaboration with aamourocean “200kicks” in 2022. 

As a direct follow up to her two EPs, and by surrounding herself with friends, she produces and releases in 2021 her first audio-visual concept compilation “SPF INFINI”; the soundtrack to a new genre 38-minutes music video signed by the director Laurence ‘Baz’ Morais. It was then followed by “SPF INFINI 2” in 2022, a sun-soaked film pushing, once again, the boundaries or her own forged universe: a TDJ-led social media hype-house, that serves neither as a critique or an homage but as a fun and curiosity-driven play on vanity, technology, and influencer culture. 

In-between the two “SPF INFINI” compilations, TDJ releases her debut mixtape “TDJ123”. A 12-track release compiling her biggest hits from “TDJ001” and “TDJ002” as well as new exclusive compositions. Solidifying her now iconic sounds, “TDJ123” meticulously and mindfully crafts Geneviève’s polished nightclub-themed fantasy of late night euphoria binges. 

With the next ideation of TDJ on the horizon, her upcoming EP BACK TO 123 revisits her influences and expands on “TDJ123’s” folklore. Effortlessly moving from dark, tranquil melodies to ethereal textured rave tracks, TDJ’s world now expands to envelop audiences across Canada and Europe with live dates scheduled throughout 2023. 

Publicity Contact: Grace Jones


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