3L3D3P (pronounced EL-DEE-PEE) is the cryptic alias under which Los Angeles native Marina Thompson creates genre bending electronic music that spans punk, techno, and experimental pop. This year, she’s released a new video for “idontlisten,” which finds Thompson playing the role of a convenience store clerk, performing her rave-ready anthem while backlit by cyberpunk visuals. She explains the video “really brought me back to the days of being a kid and I’d spend hours making music videos on my own. I would just learn and experiment as I went along and just flow.  I really wanted the essence of 3L3D3P to ring true through the visualization of this video, so I directed, styled, and handled post production of the video myself.  It took a lot of time, it made me a little bit more insane, but it also felt natural. The cuts, the style, the feel of the video are fueled with my blood.” 

Beginning in 2020 with viral breakthrough “Ibitbt,” 3L3D3P has built feverish momentum off a collection of head turning singles, building to last years PLYGRND EP. She’s toured with Dorian Electra, UMRU, Puzzle, Sextile, and more, and been tapped to headline Boiler Room events.

Publicity Contact: Nik Soelter


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