bob junior


Esteban Munoz was dubbed “bob junior” from a young age by his family for reasons that he’s still not entirely sure about. The Munoz family, who are inclined to nickname its members, calls Bergen, Norway home but their roots are in Chile. 

Munoz’s younger brother Nico is now known the world over by his Munoz family nickname “boy pablo”. Esteban spent many years playing and producing in the Norwegian punk and underground scenes before he helped his brother record his debut single as a 16th birthday present. Since then, he’s been an instrumental part of building the boy pablo project as his drummer, co-producer and co-writer tallying up over 1 billion streams in the process. He’s also been able to work with other platinum selling artists like Cuco and Astrid S while becoming known as a very down to earth, multitalented and positive presence in the studio. 

With boy pablo on hiatus he began to focus on his solo career as bob junior collaborating with all kinds of artists from all over the world. Watch this space for more news from bob junior.

Publicity Contact: Katie Nelson


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