One of hip-hop’s most beloved anti-heroes, the ever-inventive MF DOOM (often referred to as simply DOOM) received widespread praise for his sharp, candid rhymes, as well as his choppy, sample-heavy production style. Initially known as Zev Love X, a member of the short-lived but influential Golden Era rap group K.M.D, the MC/producer born Daniel Dumile re-emerged at the end of the ‘90s with a persona and logo patterned after the Marvel Comics super villain Dr. Doom. He reinforced his enigmatic persona by donning an elaborate iron mask during all of his public appearances, in addition to occasionally hiring stand-ins for his performances. MF DOOM’s music has been described as, “the fine line between insanity and genius”. Unconventional, abstract, unorthodox; these words merely scrape the surface of defining his approach musically, conceptually, even rhythmically. MF DOOM is the personification of Hip-Hop as an act of rebellion.

Publicity Contact: Nik Soelter


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