Slow Hollows


After a three-year hiatus, Slow Hollows returns reinvented. The genre-defying Los Angeles band founded by songwriter Austin Feinstein is now his solo project. Though the group amicably disbanded in early 2020, the now 25-year-old artist never stopped writing songs. The more he fleshed out new material, the more Feinstein realized it made sense to continue on as Slow Hollows. “Ultimately making a cohesive record was the most important thing to me,” says Feinstein. “Having some time away from the band made me realize what ‘Slow Hollows’ stood for. It’s hard to realize what you’re getting at when you’re doing it, so the time to myself helped me understand what made it work.” 

Feinstein formed Slow Hollows in 2013 as a teenager after immersing himself in the DIY punk community fostered by the all-ages L.A. venue The Smell. While the band’s first official LPs 2015 Atelophobia and 2016’s Romantic explored the fringes of indie rock, 2019’s Actors showcased a more expansive sound that interpolated R&B and dance music. Their always-evolving songs and fierce independent streak garnered them a rabid fanbase, a slot at Coachella, as well as a cast of marquee collaborators like Frank Ocean and Tyler The Creator. This new era of Slow Hollows is unquestionably the most confident and organic yet for Feinstein. His new songs are timeless and ineffable: the product of his persistent perfectionism and tireless work ethic. 

Publicity Contact: Nik Soelter


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